Get your IT in top shape for the Workshop
Posted by Paul Ridout on 19 December 2019 12:57 PM
If you are attending a Workshop remotely by Livestream, please take a few minutes to get your IT into shape before the event, maybe the day before.
Support is extremely busy in the final lead up to the start time, so for the best possible experience please make sure that your IT is properly prepared.
If you are having issues viewing OVI charts or Tradefinders on an iPad, please see the comments at the foot of the page.
We recommend Google Chrome or Firefox Web Browsers on all operating systems and devices for the best experience.

Please ensure that cookies are allowed to be set by the web browser.
  • Re-boot:

If you are using a laptop and routinely allow it to 'sleep', please perform a full power down re-boot.

Similarly, if you use a desktop and never turn it off, please perform a full power down re-boot.
  • Update the Operating System:

Using, as appropriate, the Windows/MAC/iOS/Linux Update function, check for updates to the operating system. If there are any, you will likely be prompted to re-boot.
  • Update your web browser (instructions below):


Click on Customize and Control Google Chrome (which may appear as three vertical  dots at the top right of your browser).

In the drop-down menu:
Select Help > About Google Chrome. 

This will check that your version is up to date, and install any outstanding updates.  
Restarting Chrome will be required if updates are installed.


Access the Menu via the three horizontal lines at the top right of your browser.  (Or select from the menu bar - if shown)

On the Menu select Help > About Firefox.  

This will check that your version is up to date, and install any outstanding updates.  
Restarting Firefox will be required if updates are installed.
  • Check functionality
Please log into your OVI product(s) as usual and make sure that you can access what you usually need, such as Tradefinders, Watchlists, Videos etc.
Also try watching some video from your favourite news channel.  e.g.
Specific iPad issues
We recommend Chrome or Firefox web browsers on all computers or devices, if you are already using one or the other and have difficulty viewing charts, clearing the cache may help.

Another issue could be Apple legacy, if your iPad is a few years old.
Apple discontinue iOS support for some older models at various stages, so older equipment will not auto-update to the latest.
If you go to Settings > General > Software Update it should automatically check for iOS updates for you.
If it says "iOS xx.x.x Your software is up to date", you may have a problem if that is not the latest.
You can find the latest iOS version number here:

If you have problems, please email for further help. 

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