My web browser reports that OVI websites are Insecure.
Posted by Paul Ridout on 15 November 2018 04:44 PM

As regards the site security warning, this is a relatively recent convention amongst most if not all web browsers.

It checks to see if the site being visited is 'secure'.

A secure site will have an address commencing https:// with a padlock icon in the browser address bar.

An insecure http:// address will lack the padlock icon, and your web browser will indicate in some way (depending on your browser) the site being visited is not https:// compliant.

We are working on compliance for all of our sites, which are in the final stages of redesign.  Some are already https:// compliant.

One of the primary reasons that this warning is now in place is to add a layer of protection against scam or phishing websites which purport to be a site which you would use which contains your own financial, confidential, or highly sensitive data; such as your bank, government departments etc. but which are in fact attempting to gather personal data and financial information about you for the purposes of identity theft and fraud.

All of your financial transactions with us are conducted via secure on-line payment gateways, and such minimal personal data that we record about you (name, address, email, possibly telephone number, plus your permissions on any or all of our websites), are already stored on a secure server with an https:// address only accessible to authorised staff.

Our newly designed and https:// compliant secure websites are nearly ready for launch. In the meantime, there is no danger to you in using our current http:// addresses.


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