I cannot/could not join your webinar!
Posted by Paul Ridout on 23 June 2018 12:35 PM
We can well understand your frustration!

There are a couple of things to try here.

The Webinars are hosted by GoToWebinar (GTW) and we try to open up the 'room' up to an hour prior to the advertised start.

If you are on a new computer or device, you will need to allow the GTW software to download and install when you click on the joining link.  This should only take moments.

If you make a successful connection you will either see a message from GTW saying that the meeting will start when the organiser arrives, or, you will see Guy's welcome screen confirming the start time.  In either case, get some refreshments and settle down for the start.  

Guy usually also does a 'sound check' a few minutes before the advertised start, to make sure that all is set up properly.

If you cannot make a successful connection at all, within, say, 20 minutes of the start time, drop us a line at and we can send you an alternative link to connect and join in, direct from the webinar admin dashboard.

You can also at any time check that your computer/device is 'GTW Ready' here:

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