Can I get on-line support?
Posted by Paul Ridout on 23 June 2018 12:39 PM
We do offer free on-line technical support, but this should not be considered a substitute for a mentorship plan.

Please email full details of your issue or problem to requesting an on-line support session.

You may instead receive a very detailed email reply, but, if we perceive that your problem or issue is of such a
nature as to require personal 'live' on-line support we will send you an OVI Traders branded link to click on at a mutually agreed appointment time.  

You will be required to accept (and you will need to confirm on-screen) that the support staff will be able to log into your computer with you, and, if necessary, operate your computer remotely in order to fix problems, and/or demonstrate functions of the software on our websites.  

Your given permission is per-session, and we are unable to remotely visit your machine without your knowledge, and we would not wish to anyway.

These sessions are extremely time consuming for our staff, and are very unlikely to be available 'on-demand'.  An appointment will almost always be required, and you will be sent some instructions in a pdf document prior, and a link to click on at or just before the agreed time.

It is extremely important, for your own protection, that you do not have personal or private information (such as bank statements etc.) open on your desktop at the time that support staff log-in with you (it has happened).

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