Can you review my trades?
Posted by Paul Ridout on 14 April 2019 04:52 PM
You can do this very easily yourself.
  • Open an OVI chart and scroll back to the setup that attracted you.
  • Make sure that you took the trade in strict accordance with Guy's trade plan.
  • Click forward bar by bar to recreate your thought process, as quickly or as slowly as is comfortable and manageable for you.
  • At each step, make sure that your trade plan is still in accordance with Guy's guidance and teaching.

If you cannot determine the problem with the trade you can send it in to:

for advice, in the format shown below.

However, these are time consuming for our staff to handle and respond to, so several days may pass before we are in a position to reply, particularly over weekends and US/UK public holidays.

Please do not send in more than 5 at any one time.


Date of entry;
Price at entry;
Initial Stop-Loss;
P1 target;
Price at final exit.

If the staff dealing with your enquiry need further information they will email or call you.

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