Can you recommend a broker?
Posted by Paul Ridout on 05 June 2019 04:01 PM
For Stocks and Options:

Nasdaq maintain a list of preferred on-line brokers on the following link:
Scroll down that page for a few more.

We are not affiliated with any broker at this time.

For UK Spread-Bets

Please note that Spreadbetting is only allowed for UK residents.  
If you are a UK 'Ex-Pat' it is likely that your eligibility will depend on your relationship with HMRC, and having a UK address, and bank account or credit card.  
Please check with your chosen provider.

IG Index have the greatest range of tickers to bet on.
A Google search will reveal many other spread-bet providers.

Typically we are interested in the constituent stocks of the Standard & Poor 500, The Nasdaq 100, and the Dow Jones 30, plus their index ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds); SPY, QQQ and DIA respectively.  You you may wish to check that your chosen provider offers the majority of those tickers.

We are not affiliated with any spread-bet provider.

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